Portfolio of rasm website and visual design agency portfolio

The path to customer satisfaction is smooth now, thanks to our team’s rich background in customer relations, project planning and teamwork.

Oak and Arc

For our esteemed client, a leading landscaping and interior design company based in Dubai, we crafted a transformative digital presence. We meticulously designed their website, seamlessly blending aesthetics and functionality to create an immersive online experience. Our expertise extended to integrating cutting-edge 3D models, elevating their website with visually stunning elements that captivate visitors. Moreover, we delved into the heart of their brand, conceptualizing a cohesive visual identity that resonates across every touchpoint. By seamlessly incorporating this identity into their website, as well as their office space, we established a harmonious connection between their online presence and physical environment. The result is a digital landscape that mirrors the elegance and innovation synonymous with their brand, fostering a captivating user journey and leaving a lasting impression on visitors.
For Buytronics, a leading electronics online shop, we embarked on a mission to create a website that merged functionality with user-friendliness. Understanding the diverse demographic of their customer base, our challenge was to design an interface accessible to users of all ages. With this in mind, we carefully crafted a website that marries sleek aesthetics with an intuitive user experience. Our team not only developed a functional online store but also conceptualized a cohesive visual identity that embodies Buytronics’ ethos. By focusing on the most familiar UX designs, we ensured that every visitor, regardless of age, could navigate the site effortlessly. The result is a digital storefront that not only showcases Buytronics’ extensive range of electronics but also provides a smooth and enjoyable shopping experience for every user, fostering a sense of trust and satisfaction that resonates with the brand’s commitment to excellence.
For Saiji, a prominent manufacturer of laptop tables, lap desks, laptop stands, phone holders, and more, we undertook the task of bringing their products to the digital forefront as their authorized distributor in Dubai. Saiji UAE approached us with the vision of a dynamic e-commerce platform that harmonized with the main brand’s visual identity while boasting its uniqueness. With a deep understanding of their products and brand ethos, we meticulously crafted an engaging online store that not only mirrored Saiji’s established identity but also stood out with its distinctive charm. Our team successfully integrated all the specific options and characteristics that our client envisioned, ensuring a seamless and intuitive user experience. The result is an aesthetically pleasing and highly functional e-commerce website that showcases Saiji’s exceptional range of products, providing customers with a captivating online shopping journey tailored to their needs and preferences.
In collaboration with “BehClinic,” a distinguished beauty salon in Iran, we embarked on a journey to seamlessly merge their existing visual identity with an innovative digital presence. Working closely with their talented in-house graphic design team, we harnessed their established brand essence. Through a process of close cooperation and mutual understanding, we curated a unique and functional website design that resonates with the salon’s core identity. By leveraging the expertise of both teams, we not only respected the integrity of their prior visual identity but also elevated it. The result is a digital masterpiece that not only captures the essence of BehClinic but also offers visitors a captivating array of options, ensuring an engaging and tailored user experience that mirrors the sophistication and allure of the salon itself.
Adambarfi cafe and roastery is a well-known franchise with a long history in its field. As the brand kept on growing through the years, it felt the need for expanding the business and its reputation. So, after a detailed analysis of their business, brand, expectations, and customers, we provided a solution that covered all their needs, from online shop to event planning and much more.
Green Oak is a landscaping company located in Dubai, UAE. Although we were far away from them, a productive and close relationship was created between us that led to a well-designed website. Later, our collaboration continued through maintenance services, business analysis, marketing solutions and content production. Now Green Oak is on its way to becoming one of the well-known companies in its field.

Pishtazbakhtar, established in 1984, is a veteran in the field of casting. As an organization that is dealing with customers in different countries, they needed a multi-lingual website to be able to expand their business in the region. Also, they were interested in introducing their facilities and equipment through media. To achieve these goals, we designed a robust multi-lingual website that covered all their business needs. Our photographers were present in the facilities to capture all the material and help the recognition of the brand.

Ravand is an organization funded by some of the well-known names in the industry. Their goal is to move towards poverty alleviation by establishing social businesses. They were looking for a platform to introduce themselves, publish their work, and receive insights and ideas from colleagues, professionals, investors, and inventors in order to shape their social businesses. We designed multi step forms, each of which for specific purpose, that answered the need for gathering valuable, classified, and analyzable input from their audience.
As a young talented artist, Pouya was looking for a platform to promote his artwork in web. Each of his collections and projects had its own identity and atmosphere. So, it was a challenge to create an environment that embraces such variety while shaping a cohesion and character for the artist. Our solution was to introduce unique designs based on each collection’s identity for every page. Yet, we kept a framework through all pages, from photography to NFT collections, that gives the audience a simple and familiar user experience.


A visual identity design project regarding bottled water done for nestle company.

Ahan Kadeh

A visual identity design project regarding steel materials done for Ahan Kadeh company.

Avan Online Market

A visual identity design project regarding marketing done for Avan Online Market.

Avin Natural Dyeing

A visual identity design project regarding specific products done for Avin company.

Service Nama

A visual identity design project regarding marketing and services done for Service Nama company.


A visual identity design project regarding specific products done for Boombox company.

The North Face

A visual identity design project regarding clothing done for North Face company.


A visual identity design project regarding marketing done for Signal brand.

Asan Montaj

A visual identity design project regarding marketing done for Asan Montaj brand.

Simply Saeed

A visual identity design project regarding marketing done for Simply Saeed brand.

Darkoob Studio

A visual identity design project regarding marketing done for Darkoob Studio.


A visual identity design project for Buytronics.

Guilan Grand Restaurant

A visual identity design project for Guilan Grand Restaurant.

Tuk Coffee Service

A visual identity and character design project for Tuk Coffee Service.

Parya Aghayani

A visual identity design project for Parya Aghayani dentistry.

Renzo Cafe

A visual identity design project for Renzo Cafe.

Amin Cafe

A visual identity design project for Amin Cafe.

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