Pishtaz Bakhtar

At Rasm Team, we proudly present our collaboration with Pishtaz Bakhtar, a leading casting factory in Iran renowned for its exceptional projects and collaborations with major production units.

Reflecting Excellence

Drawing inspiration from Pishtaz Bakhtar’s logo and visual language, we meticulously crafted a website that echoes their reputation for excellence. The design exudes professionalism and sophistication, reflecting the factory’s expertise in the casting industry.

Dynamic Visuals

Orange, chosen as the accent color, injects vibrancy and energy into the website, symbolizing Pishtaz Bakhtar’s innovative approach. The incorporation of brushed metal textures adds a touch of industrial elegance, emphasizing the factory’s commitment to quality and precision.

Immersive Photography and Videos

Every photo and video on the website is a testament to Pishtaz Bakhtar’s craftsmanship. Captured within the factory’s premises by our team, (Rasool Pirhooshyar) these visuals provide an authentic glimpse into the intricate casting processes, showcasing the factory’s dedication to their craft.

Explore Excellence

Embark on a virtual tour of Pishtaz Bakhtar’s world. Witness the fusion of technology, artistry, and innovation that defines their casting mastery. Visit the website at Pishtaz Bakhtar and delve into the heart of Pishtaz Bakhtar’s craftsmanship. Also youcan check out our other website designs here.

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