children book cover design with blue color and a bird like logo

Blue Bird

Meet Blue Bird, a vibrant children's book publisher under the esteemed Elmi Fathangi Institute. Our task was to encapsulate the essence of imagination and learning in a logo and color palette that resonated with young readers.

The Logo: A Flight of Creativity

Our logo design took flight with a playful bird element, embodying freedom and curiosity, core values of childhood. The light blue hue symbolized calmness and trust, crafting a visual narrative that embraced young minds.

The Exclusive Font Design

Every word in children’s literature is an adventure. We curated an exclusive font, merging readability with whimsy, ensuring each letter sparks the joy of reading. This bespoke typography became the voice of Blue Bird’s storytelling.

book cover design for a children book. a bicycle on the cover and light blue on the background.

Crafting the Color Palette

Choosing colors akin to a painter’s palette, we selected hues that echoed innocence and wonder. Each shade, from soft blues to warm accents, imbued Blue Bird’s brand with a sense of enchantment, inviting children into a world of endless possibilities.

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