logo design with persian elements


Introducing Avin Natural Dyeing, a leading expert in the Iranian dyeing industry, operating with agility and expertise in Europe. Our challenge was to encapsulate Avin's legacy and innovation in a contemporary logo design, symbolizing their mastery in natural dyeing techniques.

The Logo: Threads of Expertise

In our design journey, we harnessed the power of threads, an elemental symbol of craftsmanship. The logo, adorned with vibrant colors, encapsulates the essence of Avin’s artistry. Each thread represents their expertise, weaving together a modern and visually compelling brand identity.

Colors: Nature’s Palette

Drawing inspiration from nature, we incorporated a rich spectrum of colors in the logo. Each hue reflects the natural dyes Avin is renowned for, capturing the essence of organic, vibrant, and sustainable dyeing methods. These colors not only represent Avin’s products but also signify their commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Modernizing Tradition

In harmonizing tradition with modernity, our design breathes new life into Avin Natural Dyeing’s legacy. The logo serves as a visual testament to their expertise, bridging the heritage of Iranian dyeing techniques with the contemporary demands of the European market.


Avin Natural Dyeing’s logo stands as a beacon of tradition, expertise, and innovation. Through the fusion of thread elements and vibrant colors, we’ve created more than just a logo; we’ve woven a story. Avin’s brand identity speaks of craftsmanship, nature’s hues, and a commitment to excellence, inviting the world to experience the artistry of natural dyeing in every shade.

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